Peter Scibetta

Peter Scibetta lives and works in Brooklyn, NY.

A. A violent order is a disorder; and

B. A great disorder is an order.

     These two things are one.

                                -Wallace Stevens

Looking for the order in a great disorder:
in between the lines
in fortuitous acts
in the fog of incidental reality
in the confusion of thought
in the motion of life.


Favorite temperature — 85 degrees
Favorite cheese — aged provolone
Favorite color — pink
Favorite pencil — draft tec retractable .07 lead
Favorite time of day — 6am
Favorite movie — Fata Morgana
Favorite place — Death Valley
Favorite bird — crow
Favorite museum — The Barnes Foundation
Favorite pen — uniball gel impact rt
Favorite car — my current one
Second favorite color — light green
Favorite houseplant — jade
Favorite money — $5 bill
Favorite sky — clear blue with small white clouds
Favorite number — 13
Favorite candy — peaunt butter M&M's
Favorite breakfast — swiss cheese omelet, bacon, coffee
Favorite summer beverage — Limonata with crushed ice
Second favorite sky — dense grey overcast
Favorite smell — skin after swimming in the ocean
Favorite planet — Saturn
Favorite scientific concept — the speed of light
Favorite life form — deep sea creatures
Second favorite bird — owl
Favorite body of water — Niagara River
Favorite fruit — pink grapefruit
Third favorite bird — mockingbird
Favorite bathing method — shower
Favorite writing pad — 1/4" quad ruled
Favorite tree — Saucer magnolia
Favorite hair color — red
Favorite photographer — Henri Cartier-Bresson
Second favorite houseplant — cactus
Favorite light bulb wattage — 100
Favorite speed — 64-66 mph
Favorite soap — peppermint
Second favorite candy — licorice
Favorite meat dish — kidney stew
Favorite drink — dirty vodka martini
Favorite bridge — Bayonne Bridge
Favorite reptile — tortoise
Favorite name — Olive
Favorite lunch meat — smoked Lebanon bologna
Favorite 2 dimensional shape — square
Favorite ratio — 1x1.618
Favorite sound — the peal of large bells
Favorite soup — pea
Favorite hot beverage — coffee light half and half one sugar
Favorite pizza — double cheese black olives, well-done
Favorite door type — solid core 4'x 8'
Favorite paper attachment — paper clip
Favorite country visited — Italy
Favorite leafy green — kale
Favorite thought — none
Favorite city name — Buffalo
Favorite insect — praying mantis
Favorite dam — Hoover Dam
Favorite worry — plumbing leaks
Favorite snack — cheese filled waffle crackers
Favorite confusing concept — attraction/love
Second favorite fruit — navel orange
Favorite bygone material — Bakelite
Favorite newspaper section — science
Favorite punctuation — semi-colon
Second favorite smell — silage
Second favorite breakfast — French toast, sausage
Favorite inexplicable action — yawning
Favorite vegetable — snap peas
Favorite ceiling height — 9ft. 6in.
Favorite country never visited — Iceland
Second favorite tree — birch
Favorite dessert — vanilla ice cream, blueberries
Favorite hot cereal — oatmeal
Second favorite meat dish — steak Pittsburgh
Favorite beach weather — 93 degrees, a few clouds, light breeze
Second favorite insect — stick bug
Third favorite smell — burnt toast
Third favorite candy — York peppermints
Favorite melted cheese — swiss
Favorite winter drink — old fashioned
Third favorite fruit — cold delicious apple
Favorite ice cream — black raspberry
Second favorite city name — Milwaukee
Second favorite confusing concept — airspeed
Favorite foreign currency — Canadian
Second favorite inexplicable action — stretching
Favorite kitchen implement — hard-boiled egg slicer
Fourth favorite smell — cold eggshells