Peter Scibetta

Peter Scibetta lives and works in Brooklyn, NY.

A. A violent order is a disorder; and

B. A great disorder is an order.

     These two things are one.

                                -Wallace Stevens

Looking for the order in a great disorder:
in between the lines
in fortuitous acts
in the fog of incidental reality
in the confusion of thought
in the motion of life.

the motion of no steps
taken on the path that cannot be seen
will lead to that which is hidden
from each of us/in its own way
hidden only from us
for it is only us who are seeking it
and it is we who do the hiding


Favorite temperature — 85 degrees
Favorite cheese — aged provolone
Favorite color — pink
Favorite pencil — draft tec retractable .07 lead
Favorite time of day — 6am
Favorite movie — Fata Morgana
Favorite place — Death Valley
Favorite bird — crow
Favorite museum — The Barnes Foundation
Favorite pen — uniball gel impact rt
Favorite car — my current one
Second favorite color — light green
Favorite houseplant — jade
Favorite money — $5 bill
Favorite sky — clear blue with small white clouds
Favorite number — 13
Favorite candy — peaunt butter M&M's
Favorite breakfast — swiss cheese omelet, bacon, coffee
Favorite summer beverage — Limonata with crushed ice
Second favorite sky — dense grey overcast
Favorite smell — skin after swimming in the ocean
Favorite planet — Saturn
Favorite scientific concept — the speed of light
Favorite life form — deep sea creatures
Second favorite bird — owl
Favorite body of water — Niagara River
Favorite fruit — pink grapefruit
Third favorite bird — mockingbird
Favorite bathing method — shower
Favorite writing pad — 1/4" quad ruled
Favorite tree — Saucer magnolia
Favorite hair color — red
Favorite photographer — Henri Cartier-Bresson
Second favorite houseplant — cactus
Favorite light bulb wattage — 100
Favorite speed — 64-66 mph
Favorite soap — peppermint
Second favorite candy — licorice
Favorite meat dish — kidney stew
Favorite drink — dirty vodka martini
Favorite bridge — Bayonne Bridge
Favorite reptile — tortoise
Favorite name — Olive
Favorite lunch meat — smoked Lebanon bologna
Favorite 2 dimensional shape — square
Favorite ratio — 1x1.618
Favorite sound — the peal of large bells
Favorite soup — pea
Favorite hot beverage — coffee light half and half one sugar
Favorite pizza — double cheese black olives, well-done
Favorite door type — solid core 4'x 8'
Favorite paper attachment — paper clip
Favorite country visited — Italy
Favorite leafy green — kale
Favorite thought — none
Favorite city name — Buffalo
Favorite insect — praying mantis
Favorite dam — Hoover Dam
Favorite worry — plumbing leaks
Favorite snack — cheese filled waffle crackers
Favorite confusing concept — attraction/love
Second favorite fruit — navel orange
Favorite bygone material — Bakelite
Favorite newspaper section — science
Favorite punctuation — semi-colon
Second favorite smell — silage
Second favorite breakfast — French toast, sausage
Favorite inexplicable action — yawning
Favorite vegetable — snap peas
Favorite ceiling height — 9ft. 6in.
Favorite country never visited — Iceland
Second favorite tree — birch
Favorite dessert — vanilla ice cream, blueberries
Favorite hot cereal — oatmeal
Second favorite meat dish — steak Pittsburgh
Favorite beach weather — 93 degrees, a few clouds, light breeze
Second favorite insect — stick bug
Third favorite smell — burnt toast
Third favorite candy — York peppermints
Favorite melted cheese — swiss
Favorite winter drink — old fashioned
Third favorite fruit — cold delicious apple
Favorite ice cream — black raspberry
Second favorite city name — Milwaukee
Second favorite confusing concept — airspeed
Favorite foreign currency — Canadian
Second favorite inexplicable action — stretching
Favorite kitchen implement — hard-boiled egg slicer
Fourth favorite smell — cold eggshells